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Black and orange
12 sided fidget
Blue Shell swirl Optical illusion Green
Magnetic flip cube
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Alloy Gyro Cube
Switch Spinner
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Infinity cube
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Fidget Ball
The Teacher Apple
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Do you want staff to know a little more about neurodiversity? Want to ask the tricky questions?

Want to play with sensory the whole time and enjoy an unscripted, adaptive conversation about more than sensory tools?

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Do you wish you had a sensory space? Not sure where to start?

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Sensory friendly school socks

Clean teeth,
Less stress

it's time

To support new skills

Nights, Protected.

Waterproof Bedding


Deep touch pressure is what we experience when we use weighted or compression items.

Deep Pressure can be explained several ways.

The simple explanation is - It feels like a firm hug that relaxes your whole body, without the annoying person.

Need a little more than that?

While the scientific community like to go back and forth on the efficacy levels of deep pressure, and likely will for the next decade.

Anecdotally, so many who are neurodivergent or who suffer anxiety experience massive relief from these products. Discovering your preferred deep pressure tools can be a life changing experience .

When firm but comfortable pressure is applied to the body it forces a shift from your sympathetic nervous system SNS to your para sympathetic nervous system. PSNS

This is how we turn off the anxiety (The fight, flight, fawn, flee) response.

By helping the body move into the PSNS, where it is relaxed, produces endorphins, is no longer on alert for danger. We can relieve anxiety suffering or sensory overload and prolonged stress. This is the state where the brain produces serotonin & dopamine, the two feelgood neurotransmitters that some of us really struggle to absorb.

Need Even more?

Head to Inclusive Illustrations for some brilliant visuals about deep pressure!

Weighted Blankets - the rule of thumb is a weighted blanket should be between 8% - 15% of the users body weight.

Too much can be restrictive , to little may not have the desired therapeutic effect.

For smaller area items - lap pads & animals you'll need less weight.

Focused on your whole sensory life

Sometimes slowing down needs support

A huge variety of rings Avaliable

Available in sized and adjustable
leave toxic positivity at the door


Celebrate your humour and your neurotype with this spicy range of accessories.

Want more our sensory life in your life?

Urge Surfing Kits

Harm Minimisation

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A toolkit created by those who know

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2 orange/red 2 green/yellow
Liquid Floor Tile - Quadrant Set
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Triangle Liquid Tile
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GIANT Snakes & Ladders 680 x 720mm Movers & Dice
Pink Purple Blue
Liquid floor tile 30cm Hex
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Stepping Stones Game

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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land where we work and live, the Dja Dja Wurrung people and pay our respects to Elders past and present. We celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of all communities who also work and live on this land.