This collection is about celebrating that fidgets are for adults too.  If you're looking for a more adult style then these luxe fidgets are for you.


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    Stainless clicker Fidget
    Metal Animal Spinners
    Classic black
    Magnetic Cookie
    Sold Out
    Mini Combination Lock Spinner
    Alloy Spinners
    Alloy Infinity Links
    Sold Out
    Golden chain
    Flywheel fidget
    Quartz - Purple
    Speks Geode
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    Fidget Rotating Roman Numeral Pendant necklace
    Mobius Silver Plated
    from $8.00
    Hammer Spinner
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    Discrete Gyro Spinner
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    Knight in shining slider fidget
    Mobius Antique Bronze
    from $8.00
    Adjustable Fidget rings
    from $6.50
    Silver Bubblegum Pink Rainbow Haze Gold +3
    Acupressure rings
    from $3.50
    White Black Green Colour change Coffee to Green tea +2
    ASMR Comb
    from $3.99
    Sold Out
    Golden dragon
    Mechanical keyboard fidget
    Size 5 Spinning fidget ring
    Size 6 Spinning fidget ring
    Size 7 Spinning fidget ring
    Size 8 Spinning fidget ring
    Size 9 Spinning fidget ring
    Size 10 Spinning fidget ring
    Size 11 Spinning fidget ring
    Size 12 Spinning fidget ring
    Size 13 Spinning fidget ring
    Classic Drinking Bird
    Sale price $9.55 Regular price $14.99 Save $5.44
    Mobius Fidget Creations
    from $14.00
    Large - softer Small (firmer) Silver Firmer 2 pack Small (firmer) Gold
    Acupressure bracelets
    from $7.00
    Blue raspberry Green Purple Pink lemonade Blue green
    Weighted Gyroscope Fidget PREMIUM COLOURS
    Lime green Black Dark blue Grey +1
    Textured Gyrofidget Keychain (retractable)
    Black Hot Pink Dark blue Grey +3
    Textured Gyroscope Fidget
    Lime Green Yellow Red Hot Pink +2
    Weighted Gyroscope Fidget SINGLE COLOURS
    CMY Cube MOTUS
    CMY Cube STAND
    Mindful fidget Stickers
    Black White Gradient White Black Purple +2
    Course texture Calm Fidget strips
    Fidget to Focus Explanation Visual
    from $1.50
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