Weight and compression can both provide a calming sensation. 

    Deep pressure touch relaxes the nervous system and some people find it useful for anxiety, panic attacks, sensory overload, insomnia and restless leg syndrome.

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    Cade –Unweighted Red Husky with satin pocket/pouch with zip Size 64cm/25″
    Jade Green
    9kg Sherpa weighted blanket
    Weighted Sensory Sensations Animals
    Purple Red and green
    Weighted Sloth Companions - 1kg
    Green Pink
    Weighted Penguin Companions - 1kg
    Bella – Unweighted Cream Labrador, with satin pocket / pouch with zip Size – 62cm/24.4"
    Dreammaker calming soft weighted blanket 3kg, 5kg, 7kg & 9kg
    from $71.00
    Weighted Animals ~ Elizabeth Richards
    Deep Pressure Explanation Visual
    from $1.50
    Weighted Monster Companions
    The Nervous System Explanation Visual
    from $1.50
    Weighted Fidget pad
    Blue dusk bat
    Weighted Bat Companions 1.8kgs
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    Blitz – Unweighted Border Collie with satin pocket / pouch with zip Size – 62cm/24″
    Rocket – Unweighted Husky with satin pocket/pouch with zip Size 64cm/25″.
    Weighted lap pad
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    Elizabeth Richards Single bed sensory sheet
    Body Sock ~ Elizabeth Richards
    Adoption Certificate
    Weighted shoulder sash
    from $49.95
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    Army Green Maroon
    Pressure Socks
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    Micro Glass beads 1kg
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    Wallis – Unweighted Wombat with satin pocket / pouch with zip Size 55cm/21.6″
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    Purple Green
    Yoga Swing
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    Elizabeth Richards Calming Canoe
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    Brown snake Coral snake
    Sensory sensations weighted snake
    from $13.00
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    Fuchia pink
    Double bed sensory sheet
    Sale price $45.50 Regular price $58.50 Save $13
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    Crab Lobster
    Sensory sensations weighted creatures
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    3kg Chunky knit weighted blanket
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    Large island maps
    Body sock, sensory sack
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    2.3kg Weighted blanket
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