I was searching for worry dolls, I remember the tiny string versions fondly as a child, but I stumbled upon Kamibashi dolls and I knew these were the version of that concept we needed! 

    There's something so powerful about a token of self assurance and an affirmation in the darker times or in challenging situations.  It's why I love my enamel Pins, it's why my keys are always adorned with meaningfull keychains.  I really loved how specific they are - I have no interest in vague positive notions, I need to connect with the meaning and these did that for me, I hope you love them! 


    Kamibashi, a member of the Fair Trade Federation and the Museum Store Association, is dedicated to bringing handmade art from Asia to the West (and beyond)!

    We work directly with artists in northern Thailand to make The String Doll Gang - 200+ small characters made almost entirely of string bearing messages of good fortune to everyone.  

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    Tabitha Unicorn Kamibashi Worry Doll - makes sure that you always remain a free spirit
    Hope the Kamibashi Worry Doll - shines a light on depression so you can grow and thrive.
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    El Diablo the Kamibashi Worry Doll - gives you the edge over the competition.
    Eleanor Roosevelt the Kamibashi Worry Doll - "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
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