Mindfulness is about being present in the moment.  Sounds simple, but it's a skill we get better at with practice.

    Being in the moment reduces anxiety by shifting focus from past and future stress and triggers.

    I like to stock products that assist me personally with my anxiety & products that I've seen help children. 

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    Teen boy
    Calming stone
    Purple Blue Blend Silver
    Unleash the Kraken!! Affirmation Card/ Phone Holder
    Blue Halloween Soccer Snow +4
    Jellystone calm down bottle
    Happy Thoughts – Resilient ME Gratitude Journal (Adult)
    Men's Pack
    Large - softer Small (firmer) Silver Firmer 2 pack Small (firmer) Gold
    Acupressure bracelets
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    Full Set with Strap Go for a walk Use your hands Engage Senses +8
    Remindables Anxiety Saver tag set
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    Sometimes I Feel .... books
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    Silver Bubblegum Pink Rainbow Haze Gold +3
    Acupressure rings
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    Affirmation Spinning Fidget Rings
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    Rainbow Haze ROTATING
    Mindful Breathing Necklace
    Wooden balls
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    Gemstone Gravel
    Nature additions
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    Spineful Breathing
    Expandaball breathing ball
    Goal setting cards
    Mindfully Me
    El Diablo the Kamibashi Worry Doll - gives you the edge over the competition.
    Eleanor Roosevelt the Kamibashi Worry Doll - "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
    Glinda the good witch the Kamibashi Worry Doll - reminds you that you're capable of more than you know
    Hope the Kamibashi Worry Doll - shines a light on depression so you can grow and thrive.
    Leon the Lion the Kamibashi Worry Doll -gives you the courage to be a good leader when duty calls.
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    Mothman Kamibashi Worry Doll - reminds you to trust your instincts
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    Skellbo Kamibashi Worry Doll - Gives you the courage to not be afraid of the dark
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    T-rex Kamibashi Worry Doll - Reminds you to never stop evolving.
    Tabitha Unicorn Kamibashi Worry Doll - makes sure that you always remain a free spirit
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    Star shaped finger labyrinth
    10 things I love about .... books
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    Affirmation Cards for Kids
    Resilient ME Gratitude Journal for Kids – Awesome Ends in ME (age 5-12)
    School pack
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    Resilient ME Gratitude Journal for Teens – (13+)
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