Frieght is charged on heavy swings - they are large parcels and they do not fall under free shipping - unfortunately I could not offer such affordable products & free shipping on this range. 

    Items in this collection are clearly marked as either In stock - meaning Our Sensory Life has it on hand.

    Or Special order item - meaning it will be ordered direct from the supplier in Sydney, this means it could cause a small delay in your order fulfilment or be sent separately to your other order items.

    Swing Safety 

    Age reccomendations are just that - reccomendations, please ensure you consider capacity of individuals when selecting your swing.

    Check size and weight guides before purchase.

    Always Use Under Adult Supervision 


    Hanging your swing

    Upon request I can special order swivel hooks and mounts for swing set attachment.  Roof mounts are not available because every room is different- I highly reccomend asking your local hardware store for the safest ceiling mount kit. They are easily available.

    We spent $15 at bunnings and got their advice to ensure the hook was rated as high as the swing for weight once screwed into a beam.  But I am not an expert and I prefer to defer you to those who know better. 

    Many swings are appropriate for swing sets also. See individual listings.

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    Tent Swing LARGE
    Green IN STOCK
    Nest Swing 'WINKOH' (sensory swing)
    Sold Out
    Black IN STOCK
    Nest Swing ‘Grandoh’ with adjustable Ropes (sensory swing)
    Black Blue
    Nest Swing Swibee With Adjustable Ropes (sensory swing) - BLUE/BLACK
    Sold Out
    Nest Swing 'Climbing' with Rotating clip
    Nest Sensory Swing 120
    Sold Out
    Buoy Ball ‘MANDORA’ 30cm Swing With Adjustable Rope - Red
    Rope ladder
    Sale price $49.95 Regular price $64.95 Save $15
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    Hammock chair swing
    Sold Out
    Nest Swing 'Climbing' with Rope Ladder
    Sold Out
    Green Blue
    Yoga Swing
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