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    Adjustable Fidget rings
    from $6.50
    Silver Green Rainbow Haze Gold +5
    Acupressure rings
    from $3.50
    Detangler brush
    Sold Out
    15cm bubble board PURPLE Bubble board Rainbow
    Pop its and bubble boards
    from $5.50
    Stretchy Noodles
    from $2.00
    U shaped toothbrush
    Size 13 Spinning fidget ring
    Large - softer Small (firmer) Silver Firmer 2 pack Small (firmer) Gold
    Acupressure bracelets
    from $7.00
    Pea pods
    from $3.50
    Purple Yellow
    Terry cloth fabric chewable necklaces - Elizabeth Richards Supplies
    Sold Out
    Green Blue Pink
    Meteor Wiggle seat & pump
    Red Orange Green Blue
    3 sided toothbrush for faster cleaning
    Teal Blue Purple
    Remindables strap
    Grey Navy
    No tie shoelaces
    Yellow 4 pack Purple Black
    Marble pouch
    from $3.30
    Sold Out
    Black Blue Grey Beige
    Soft minky fiddle pouches
    Vibes Hi - Fidelity Earplugs
    from $45.00
    Owls Camo Sharks Baby animals +1
    Marble Maze
    Blue with white stripes Green with white stripes
    Pop Tubes
    Blue Halloween Soccer Snow +4
    Jellystone calm down bottle
    12 sided fidget
    Sold Out
    Liquid floor tile square 30cm
    Fidget circles
    6 link orange 6 link red 6 link green 6 link black
    Chain fidget
    Blue Rainbow
    Visual timer
    White Dark blue
    Weighted Gyroscope Fidget SINGLE COLOURS
    The mystery collection
    from $27.50
    Calming stone
    Sold Out
    Puzzle ball fidget
    Remindables Add On Sets
    from $6.50
    Green Blue
    Yoga Swing
    Sold Out
    Emoji stress balls
    Purple Colour change Coffee to Green tea Green/Yellow/Blue Blend Blue +1
    ASMR Comb
    from $3.99
    Orange and Green Orange and Blue Green & Blue 4 pack
    Wacky tracks
    from $4.00
    Sold Out
    Ocean wave projection light
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    Jumbo Rainbow
    Articulated Sensory Slugs
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