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    From a neurospicey ginger with a love for the strangest fidgets and a penchant for discovering 3D printed adaptive technology. 

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    Whisper Phone
    Purple Colour change Coffee to Green tea Green/Yellow/Blue Blend Blue +1
    ASMR Comb
    from $3.99
    The Teacher Apple
    from $35.00
    Purple Blue Blend Silver
    Unleash the Kraken!! Affirmation Card/ Phone Holder
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    Pure white heart Chrome Plated Heart
    3d Heart Fidget
    One handed ergonomic book holder
    Blue semi translucent
    Cutlery Holder
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    I've got your back fidget keychain
    from $6.99
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    Baby Dragons
    ASMR Comb Explanation Card
    from $0.50
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    Pink and Black
    Fidget Cassette
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    Spineful Breathing
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    Slimer Green Green Blend
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