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    Morph Worm fidget
    Blue Pink Baby pink
    Infinity cube
    from $5.00
    Pea pods
    from $3.50
    Puzzle ball fidget
    6 link blue 6 link orange 6 link green 6 link red
    Chain fidget
    Purple Yellow Blue Orange
    Fidget circles
    Blue Optical illusion Green
    Magnetic flip cube
    from $17.50
    Paint Splatter Rainbow
    Fidget Ball
    Blue raspberry Green Purple Pink lemonade Blue green
    Weighted Gyroscope Fidget PREMIUM COLOURS
    The Teacher Apple
    from $35.00
    Tangle hairy
    Red Yellow
    Rotating Gears
    Colour swatches Rainbow bubbles TyeDye Cookie +3
    Marble key tag
    Diamond Patterns Kaleidoscope Constellations Meditation +6
    Cotton fiddle pouches
    Black Blue Purple Grey +2
    Soft minky fiddle pouches
    Owls Camo Geisha Unicorn +6
    Marble Maze
    Yellow Green 4 pack Pink +3
    Marble pouch
    from $3.30
    Black Hot Pink Dark blue Grey +3
    Textured Gyroscope Fidget
    Lime Green Yellow Red Hot Pink +2
    Weighted Gyroscope Fidget SINGLE COLOURS
    Lime green Black Dark blue Grey +1
    Textured Gyrofidget Keychain (retractable)
    colourful Yellow Purple
    Quartz - Purple
    Speks Geode
    Magnetic flip cube ShapShifter
    Suction Darts
    Sale price $8.95 Regular price $12.95 Save $4
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    Green Blue Pink
    Meteor Wiggle seat & pump
    The mystery collection
    from $27.50
    Articulated Sensory Caterpillar keychains
    Orange and Green Orange and Blue Green & Blue 4 pack
    Wacky tracks
    from $4.00
    Blue with white stripes Green with white stripes
    Pop Tubes
    Twistie Beads Fidget
    Stretchy Ramen
    5 colours
    Sensory slap band
    Suction Spinner
    Eye Popping Alien sluggys
    Pink purple tyedye Orange & white
    Tentacle Pop
    Colour puzzle
    Boinks 3 pack
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