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Visiting Our Sensory Life

Our Sensory Life appointments run out of my garage that's been lovingly converted into a sensory space. 

this is NOT the address google maps takes you to, the sensory room address is sent in your appointment confirmation email.

Located in Huntly, north of Bendigo, Victoria, I have an acre of property, you'll likely see my alpacas before you even say hi to me!

So much of the range is ready for you to squeeze, fidget and play with, but we do things a little differently around here.

The need for calm and quiet in order to stay regulated and focused is so important to get a real sense of what products will work for you, so rather than have opening hours, I take Private bookings.

Bookings last 30minutes - no one will arrive straight after you, I keep a gap between appointments to maintain  the calm atmosphere. 

How to book?

Select a time that works for you, I can make out of hours times at request on occasion.

Once you've booked your confirmation email has my location in it, I'm sure you can appreciate why I don't put it on my website before a booking is confirmed 😉 

There are No toilet facilities available, I will happily point you in the direction of public facilities, however no one will be able to come inside my personal home. 

In person payment options include - cash and card.

Many people also ask me to make them an invoice on the day for their NDIS plan and they collect at a later date once paid.

What is the East Bendigo pick up address that shows at checkout if the sensory room is in Huntly?

The pick up address is more central for people to collect their orders, it's the office of my husbands mechanical business, with a fully staffed office you can easily collect there any time, you just can't browse stock at the pick up location. 

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