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    Urge Surfing Kit : Professional
    Urge Surfing Kit : Personal
    Urge Surfing Kit : Travel Mini
    Restock you Urge Surfing Kit
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    White Black Green Colour change Coffee to Green tea +2
    ASMR Comb
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    Black White Gradient White Black Purple +2
    Course texture Calm Fidget strips
    Mindful fidget Stickers
    Large - softer Small (firmer) Silver Firmer 2 pack Small (firmer) Gold
    Acupressure bracelets
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    Silver Bubblegum Pink Rainbow Haze Gold +3
    Acupressure rings
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    Self Care Habit Tracker Notepad
    Finger tip shields
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    Finger covers
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    Screen friendly finger covers
    Set of seven rings assorted sizes and styles
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    Pink to Orange Green to yellow Blue to Purple
    Calm fidget strips - honeycomb dots
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    Stainless Steel Keyring for Calm Fidget strips
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    Boho Calm Fidget Strips
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