Visual timers are so versatile, you can use them practically to time teeth brushing, readers, showers etc.

    You can use them to help with task transitions, making gentle moves from one thing to the next.

    They make a very calming Visual sensory product  perfect for a calm corner. The continued drips are very relaxing and engaging. 

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    Dawn Clock
    Magnetic Countdown Classroom Timer - Elizabeth Richards
    Blue Black
    Visual timer
    Diamond Glitter Lamp
    Round Desktop Volcano Lamp
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    Round Desktop Jellyfish Lamp
    Mini Kaleidoscope Projection Lamp
    LED colour changing Lamp
    Classroom Clock
    Alarm Clock : Past/To Time Teacher
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    Wall Clock Time Teacher
    Sand art
    1 min Red 2 min Pink 3 min Yellow 10 min Green +2
    Sand Timer ~ Elizabeth Richards
    from $19.25
    2 minute Green 5 min Yellow 3 min
    Sand timers
    Blue Halloween Soccer Snow +4
    Jellystone calm down bottle
    Pink Blue Green
    Peanut Timer
    Dual colour ramp liquid timer
    Diamond Timer
    Pink Blue
    Spiral drip timer
    Blue/Pink Green/Yellow
    Double Heart Liquid Timer
    Red Blue
    2 Wheel Timer
    Small blue Red large Blue Large
    Ooze tubes small & large
    from $14.99
    Red Purple Green Pink
    S timer
    Blue Red Purple
    Glitter Tube Timer
    Classic Drinking Bird
    Sale price $9.55 Regular price $14.99 Save $5.44
    Wonder stix blackboard placemats
    Blue Green
    Aquarium Timer
    Erupting volcano timer
    CMY Cube MOTUS
    CMY Cube STAND
    Handwash sand timer
    Shower sand timer
    Pink Blue
    Hourglass timer with dolphins
    4 Square Timer
    Blue Red
    Anti Gravity timer
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    Visual Timer - Large
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    Glo Pal Character - Party Pal
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    Ocean wave projection light
    Red Pink
    Mini hourglass timer
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