Here you'll find anything that helps with Auditory processing, both seeking and avoidance.

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    Vibes Hi - Fidelity Earplugs
    from $45.00
    Vibes moudable silicone earplugs
    Graffiti Transport Teal Prism +2
    Baby Banz
    Black Prizm Graffiti Silver
    Turqouise for BABY BANZ Blue for BABY BANZ Black for BABY BANZ Lime for BABY BANZ +2
    Custom fit Banz Case
    On-Ear Volume Control Kids Headphones - Pink/Purple
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    Cloud B Tranquil Turtle
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    Whisper Phone
    Jumbo Rainmaker
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    Train whistle
    Blue Green Pink Red +2
    Pop Tubes
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    Wireless Bluetooth Headband
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    Magnetic Countdown Classroom Timer - Elizabeth Richards
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    Splash Proof Shower Speaker
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    Ocean wave projection light
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    Talk back Racoon
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    Yellow Blue
    Ear Muffs hearing protector 27db ~ Elizabeth Richards
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    Aqua light & Bluetooth Speaker
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    Motion Lava Lamp & Bluetooth Speaker
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    Disco ball wireless speaker
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    Vortex glitter cyclone speaker
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    Visual Timer - Large
    Extra Tall Rain maker
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    Chord for Vibes Hi - Fidelity Earplugs
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