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Mindful Breathing Necklace

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I'm always reminding myself to exhale and when I do my whole body relaxes.  At times I practice making noise with my exhalation to encourage slower breathing, it is one of the fastest ways I find calm.

But as someone still prone to panic attacks, unfortunately hyperventilating, shallow breathing and not being able to correct it in the moment are still things that plague me.


This simple, beautiful tool is designed to get your breath work slower and more deliberate.  You will be more mindfull of exhaling and extending the exhale.  Sometimes we need a prompt and a nudge, yes we know how to breathe, but this can be one more tool at your disposal to set you up for success. 

The instructions are simple, breathe in through the nose, breathe out through the shift for 8-10 seconds - repeat several times untill relaxed and regulated. 


High quality Stainless Steel

Extra long 28" chain to avoid choking sensation - sits below sternum.

5+ only

Small parts 

Choking hazard