Inclusive Spaces with Nikki

Our Sensory Life is an all encompassing passion of mine to help anyone on their journey.

That includes workplaces & educational spaces, past work has involved

- daycares - kindergartens - mainstream schools - government organisations - specialist schools - office spaces - therapy rooms - waiting rooms - 

I have been invited into spaces, with the end goal of transforming them into sensory spaces - this process usually involves me coming to your space, us having a chat and my taking notes while we brainstorm - after the appointment I send through a draft invoice. 

There's no fee to have me come to a local workplace - i am motivated to help design the space as inclusively as possible.  Travel may incur a fee - get in touch to discuss.

Need help introducing sensory to staff?  Product workshops are often requested!  Sometimes this is just to look at products, but more often this is a session of advocacy about the neurodivergent affirming practices that go along with becoming a sensory friendly environment 

I set up a selection of engaging items and take you through a series of products and we discuss practical applications, why and how sensory is useful and neuro-affirming ways to implement sensory. 

This is always fun, collaborative, largely unscripted and ultimately productive for all. 

A fun time is the best way to learn, I want to create empathy and lived experience during our time so engaging with sensory in the workplace becomes second nature.


Pop up Sensory: 

I can attend special events and seminars with a selection of products to try and buy.

This is only available to therapeutic or educational spaces - I do not attend markets or pop up in the general public.  I love creating an opportunity for staff to purchase the things they love as part of an event, but more importantly it's about giving them exposure to sensory. 


Toolkits and Bulk orders :

While working collaboratively is always part of the process, I understand everyone is busy, often I'm asked to develop packs to meet certain criteria - I do 90% of the product selection and explanation to why I've chosen them ( durability etc) 

These packs are often ordered in bulk, i happily accommodate orders of hundreds of packs - the terms and lead times vary.

Practitioner Packs were developed in conjunction with Anglicare Victoria and have been ordered in bulk by a variety of organisations. Some orders are over 200 packs - there will be a 3-4 week lead time on these orders, but they are something we can easily arrange. 

Toolkits are a co-creation also, the idea was a comprehensive kit for most needs that fit into a heavy duty storage tub.  Designed for taking from client to client and easily utilised by 1 classroom etc.

 More tailored, pre packed kits are due to launch later in 2023.


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