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Muffik Roots Sensory Playmat Set

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The Roots Sensory Playmat set features floor tiles which are one step closure to nature. The Roots activity mats, molded after the forest floor, include 9 play mats in three earthy colors, and combining 2 textures - SOFT to comfort, and FIRM to stimulate. The Roots also consists of eco tiles, made and expertly moulded from eco materials including real wood, even has a subtle, pleasant smell of the forest!


Due to the inclusion of Real wood, the Roots sensory floor mats are water resistant (rather than waterproof), and add a wonderful texture for your walking pleasure!


Muffik's sensory play toys supports in development of motor skills and children’s imagination, prevention of flat feet as well as provides a beautiful sensory bin experience when walked over or explored by hand. Last but not least, these sensory equipments provides a positive effect on the body as a whole and help relieve stress.


The mats are also great for use in preschools, baby gym classes and therapy centres to create interactive sensory stories as well as to promote imaginative play, colour exploration and collaborative play. Muffik's sensory floor mats can be used as sensory toy for kids with special needs including ADD, Autism, cerebral palsy and more. Encourage your children’s fantasy and see yourself the many adventurous games your kids come up with!


The Eco tiles in this set is ONLY recommended to be used on Carpeted floors. Due to its composition, they are harder than other Muffik's play mats and will slip if placed on hard floor surfaces. Thus, they are NOT suitable for hard floors including wood, tiles, laminate etc... 

 Australia and New Zealand Safety Tested and Certified

Water proof (Non Eco tiles)

Super easy to clean - use a light damp cloth to wipe

Use it Indoor and Outdoors

 29.79cm x 29.79cm