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Remindables Anxiety Saver tag set

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Receive all 11 Anxiety Savers + a blue XOX

(pink xox pictured is not available currently) 

**if you select set with strap, strap will be randomly selected unless you request, I happily take colour requests!**


This special set includes the following tags: Deep Breathe, Ask for a hug, Distractions, Drink Water, Music, Engage Senses, Use your hands, Talk it out, Write it out, Go for a Walk, Water Play, XOX


We are proud to tell you that our tags are NOW 100% Australian made and designed. Made from 100% recycled material, they are 100% tree-free and 100% recyclable. They are both durable and weather resistant. The range of colours on offer makes them easy to identify and instantly recognisable and the material ensures the tags are lightweight for your child’s bag. 


Note: Each tag is 35mm high x 43mm wide x 1.2mm thick. 


In the event that you have finished using your Remindables … not that you would ever want to throw them out! Be creative! Use them to create a montage wall hanging, make your own mobile to hang or stick them to a piece of ply for a drink coaster. But if you ever do, please make sure you dispose of them correctly and respectfully, so that they can be turned into something just as useful and amazing!


“If you take care of me, I’ll be sure to take care of you!”. If you find that your tags become dirty, be sure to gently spot clean them with warm water. Do not use abrasives, petroleum based cleaners, detergents, lemon and/or essential oils, as this may remove the printed image from the tag.