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Muffik Rainbow Sensory Playmat Set

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Rainbow Sensory Play mat set is an 8 piece playset featuring our bestselling sensory floor tiles Hedgehog, Twister, Seashells, Dino Eggs and more. Teach your kids to learn colours and play fun games like "The Floor is Lava" apart from seeking sensory stimulation and motor skills development.

Our sensory play mats promote creative play which is vital in developing physical, emotional and cognitive skills. It is also a wonderful catalyst for parents and carers to tap into the little kid in all of us and join with children to share the experience and create together.  

If you are a busy working parent, wanting to limit the screen time and promote an active, healthy, fun-filled environment at home or if you love spending time creating with your kids, or you are an educator, playgroup, therapist, carer or grandparent, just looking for quality children's sensory and tactile product, to keep little minds and hands busy then Rainbow set if for you.

This set represents a balanced combination of both SOFT and FIRM surfaces.

Includes (8pcs):
1 x Meadow Firm
1 x Dino Eggs Soft
1 x Grass Firm
1 x Hedgehog Firm
1 x Grass Soft
1 x Twister Firm
1 x Pebbles Soft
1 x Seashells Firm

*The colour of the product in the image may slightly differ from the original.