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Wipe Clean Learning Book - Emotions & Feelings

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Refine your emotional intelligence using this Learning Can Be Fun Write and Wipe Emotions Workbook.

The write and wipe design is dry erase, meaning you can learn about emotions over and over to improve upon your social skills and intuition.

This fun, multi-coloured workbook is suited toward children ages 3-8 and above.


This workbook is a learning tool workbook, used to improve upon intuition and emotional intelligence.

This helps teach about emotions.

This workbook is made out of laminated art paper and is dry-erase.

This workbook is write and wipe so you can practice over and over again.

The pages and cover are multi-coloured to encourage engagement and conversations about emotions and feelings.

It is recommended for learners ages 3+.

There are 26 pages of activities for to complete.

This workbook is non-toxic.