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Spiral drip timer

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I LOVE liquid timers, these are a great resource for a sensory space, to help calm and regulate or to aide in transitions.

 Times are approximate and times can vary each time you tip them - run time approximate: 2min30sec

Sensory sensations spiral drip timers are 13cms h.

Timers that illustrate the passing of time (non-specific) as the oil and water droplets twist around the tubes.

 Turn it upside down and watch the fat spherical droplets spiral down the tube – mesmerising!!!

This visual sensory resources is ideal for stimulating discussion on time differentiation, keeping concentration or simply for providing a visual sensory experience.



Use under adult supervision 

 Warning: These products are made from acrylic plastic. They will not withstand being thrown or dropped onto hard surfaces. They contain mineral oils which may smell strongly if the product breaks. The contents are not toxic and are approved to Australian safety standards, however please under supervision to ensure safe use of the product.