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Body sock, sensory sack

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A body sock is a lycra pouch, with a velcro strip to close almost all the gap,

The sock provides gentle pressure creating a calm feeling, or alternatively can be a play space for a seeker needing to really feel what they are doing.

Providing tactile, proprioceptive and vestibular input is a great way to help a disregulated child. Deep pressure, or compression is my favourite way to provide this.  In this home it's an absolute necessity!

A good way to measure is to purchase the sock that's height is closest to your child's height. Don't hesitate to contact me, I'm always happy to guide you on this purchase.

**Dark blue has a slight purple tint**

Size small is reccomended for 3 - 6 years

Small sock measures 100x60cm approx 

Proudly handmade in Australia 

Size medium is recommended for ages 6 - 9 approx

Medium sock measures 120x68cm approx


Size large is recommended for 10+ please check measurements prior to purchase 

Large sock measures 142x71cm approx



3 + only