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Jumbo Mobius

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These are handmade by Nikki, the same mobius fidget, but BIG!

A heavy, handheld fidget that makes a satifying noise and is endless in it's movements.

Made from stainless steel jump rings, 

Each ring is 2mm thick, 25mm in diameter, the resulting mobius fidget is approximately 4cm in diameter.


The necklace includes 11 jumbo rings spinning on a standard silver plated ring  - a weighted fidget with a large enough centre that you can put a finger in the middle and spin them on it.

I describe this fidget as weighted, randomly moving and engaging - if you prefer predictable gliding rings please look at the smaller, lighter versions of the mobius.


To shorten necklace - push the clasp back and simply cut thread to length.  Retie & reposition clasp.

Choking hazard,  strictly 8+ only, use under adult supervision, small parts.