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Hammock chair swing

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I have been looking for something my eldest child could enjoy now he's getting to big for a yoga swing, he still needs time to relax and it's great to have products in our sensory space that make him feel like a priority too.
Regulation of body and mind is just as important for teens and adults.
Sherwood Hammock Swing Chair,
Chair and wooden bar only - cushion not included, attachments and ropes for installation not included.
A stylish, relaxing and comfortable space, whether indoor or outdoor, to sit or lounge away however you like with Sherwood **Hammock Chair Swing.**
Get all the comfort and needed support with Sherwood **Hammock Chair**.
The durable wood spreader bar provides solid support for Sherwood **Hammock Chair Swing.**
The spreader bar holds the swing ropes securely to ensure your safety and security. The **Hanging Hammock Chair Swing** features a lightweight and space-saving design.
The unique hanging design means you can set your hammock chair up anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Sherwood **Hammock Chair Swing** features a unique pocket that serves as a convenient storage option for your books, mobile phone, drinks, glasses amongst others.
* Stylish And Relaxing Space
* Durable Wood Spreader Bar
* Light-Weight And Space-Saving Hammock Chair
* Unique Pocket
* Suitable For Indoor And Outdoor Uses
* Premium Cotton And Polyester SIZE Medium – 100x150cm Large – 125x185cm COLOUR
* Light blue * Grey * Natural Beige MATERIAL * Wood *
Poly-Cotton Care Instructions Occasional wipe down with damp soapy slop. Dry completely before use. Made In China
**NOTE: The cushion is not included**
To hang this you will need to purchase cables/straps carabiners etc that your personal set up requires - I have a roof mounted hook, attached to a rope and carabiner set up.