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Dreammaker calming soft weighted blanket 3kg, 5kg, 7kg & 9kg

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By far the softest, snuggliest weighted blanket I've ever felt!

 Wondering what size to buy? Weight of the blanket should be approximately 8-15% of body weight.

Calm down for an easy night’s sleep with the new Dreamaker Calming Soft Weighted Blanket in Grey.

It’s been engineered to increase your serotonin and melatonin levels through restful sleep patterns.

Featuring a 200GSM soft knitted cotton cover and with four different weights to choose from, the Dreamaker **weighted blanket** is ultra-soft, comfortable and designed specially to simulate the feeling of being hugged or held to help ease you into a calmer, deeper sleep.

The calming weighted effect comes from specially designed glass beads cushioned by downy polyester filling, engineered to relax the nervous system and improving your mood and reducing your stress levels.

The super-soft cotton knit of the cover makes Dreamaker’s calming weighted blanket feel no different to the touch to a normal blanket, leading to a seamless night’s sleep.


**FEATURES** * Engineered to relax the nervous system * Simulates the feeling of being held or hugged * Soft breathable 200GSM knitted 100% cotton cover * Cushioned filling of glass beads and polyester * Ultra-soft and comfortable * Promoting calmer and deeper sleep * Increases serotonin and melatonin



* Light – 105 x 142cm, 3kg

* Medium – 122 x 183cm, 5kg

* Heavy – 122 x 183cm, 7kg

* Extra Heavy - 122 x 183cm, 9kg


**COLOUR** * Grey

**MATERIAL** * Cover: 200GSM knitted 100% cotton * Bottom: 200GSM knitted 100% cotton * Filling: 93% glass beads, 7% polyester fill



 weighted blankets are not suitable for under 5 years or children with limited mobility, please use correct weights to avoid risk.