You can manage anxiety in endless ways, these are just the top picks either designed specifically for anxiety reduction or commonly associated with relief.

    I take anxiety disorders very seriously, these products are focused on expanding your toolkit of strategies, this is not medical advise and should not be thought of as an alternative to mental health care.

    I personally use these products during stress, but also have a GP & Psychologist managing my anxiety and depression. 

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    Silver Green Rainbow Haze Gold +5
    Acupressure rings
    from $3.50
    Full Set with Strap Go for a walk Use your hands Engage Senses +8
    Remindables Anxiety Saver tag set
    from $3.00
    Purple Colour change Coffee to Green tea Green/Yellow/Blue Blend Blue +1
    ASMR Comb
    from $3.99
    Resilient ME Gratitude Journal for Kids – Awesome Ends in ME (age 5-12)
    ASMR Comb Explanation Card
    from $0.50
    Mindful Breathing Necklace
    Affirmation Colouring In Cards
    Resilient ME Gratitude Journal for Teens – (13+)
    I Am... Mindset Journal (age 16+)
    Sold Out
    You + ME Connection Journals (age 8+)
    Urge Surfing Kit : Professional
    Dreammaker calming soft weighted blanket 3kg, 5kg, 7kg & 9kg
    from $71.00
    Happy Thoughts – Resilient ME Gratitude Journal (Adult)
    Urge Surfing Kit : Personal
    Urge Surfing Kit : Travel Mini
    Mindful colouring book
    Sold Out
    2.3kg Weighted blanket
    Mindfully Me
    Sold Out
    Large island maps
    Body sock, sensory sack
    Weighted shoulder sash
    Sold Out
    Body Sock ~ Elizabeth Richards
    Sold Out
    Breathe – Resilient ME Gratitude Journal (Adult)
    Mindful fidget Stickers
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