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You're Grounded ~Self Care Pack~

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You're grounded

currently we have changed the following items 

ACUPRESSURE:  bracelets not included, you will recieve 2 rings and an adjustable fidget ring

MOBIUS:  the range has been revamped, now you will recieve larger antique bronze 

based on the concept of 'grounding' this box is a self care pack for anxiety, panic, insomnia and stress

Grounding is about noticing what we can
Taste bring us into the present, rather than overwhelmed with past and future stressors.

Use this kit when you need to ground yourself.


Designed to be flexible, one session might be accupressure and affirmations, the next might be a shower and the eye mask.

Whatever you choose, it's about simple & easy self care. I have selected multi sensory items with low executive function attached, nothing in the box requires a routine or commitment.

Each box includes

A weighted eye mask from Freshly Fatigued, these masks have removable covers to heat or cool also. It's all about gentle pressure over your eyes to help you relax and initiate sleep or calm 

A satin scrunchie from freshly Fatigued.

An Affirmation card set from Positive Heart, Open mind 

A handmade Mobius from our sensory life, custom designed for this box

An accupressure ring, large bracelet & small bracelet.  All of these are about refocusing attention, pick the one you want and roll it up and down 20-40 times, just focusing on the sensation.

A lip balm and shower steamer these are 2 easy self care exercises to make sure you remember to look after yourself.

A fiddle pouch handmade in Australia.

A gear fidget with velvet pouch, busy hands reduce stress and increase calm and focus.

A selection of edible/drinkable treats, because you deserve it! 


For more information on any product included, extensive descriptions can be found under their individual listing. 

Many of these products will be randomly selected from the range, if you have a specific request i always endeavor to honour that! Please get in contact via facebook, it's the fastest way to contact me.