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Time out ~ self care collection

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While You're Grounded is about a mix and match series of short self care activities, Time out is focused on removing yourself mindfully when you aren't regulated.

Take a time out, get your body and mind calm before you re enter any situation that triggers or stresses you.

This kind of 'time out' is important for your well-being and those around you.  By prioritising yourself you can better co-regulate your home, children, relationships.  You can help prevent or recover from burnout and you will learn to listen to your body and it's needs.

This collection may not be your way of regulating, I hope you discover a way to do that regardless.  It might be a walk in nature or a cuddle with an animal each day.  Enjoy a time out, whatever that looks like for you.


Each time out box includes:

A weighted eye mask from Freshly Fatigued, these masks have removable covers to heat or cool also. It's all about gentle pressure over your eyes to help you relax and initiate sleep or calm 

A satin scrunchie from freshly Fatigued. 

The cat's meow - a large heat pack from Freshly Fatigued, with removable cover.

An Affirmation card set from Positive Heart, Open mind 

A timber stand to display the affirmation of focus.

A handmade Mobius from our sensory life - handheld 'Villian' is pictured - new mobius range will be included instead 

An accupressure ring & small bracelet.  These are about refocusing attention, pick the one you want and roll it up and down 20-40 times, just focusing on the sensation

A peapod fidget, sometimes we need to focus on squeezing peas to get the anger out!

A calming stone from Positive Heart, Open Mind. Rub the smooth stone between your fingers mindfully.

A pair of vibes hi fidelity ear plugs

A selection of edible/drinkable treats, because you deserve it! 


For more information on any product included, extensive descriptions can be found under their individual listing. 

Many of these products will be randomly selected from the range, if you have a specific request i always endeavor to honour that! Please get in contact via facebook, it's the fastest way to contact me. 

Items you can request in specific variants (stock availability permitting)

Weighted eye mask style 

Affirmation card pack

Mobius colour and style