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Lil eve Mindfull Pebbles

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Description provided by Lil Eve:

This beautifully crafted set of earthy toned mindful pebbles are a perfect way to encourage mindfulness through play. Little ones can get creative and let their imaginations run wild with building forts, rock monsters and castles.

Our well designed non-toxic mindful pebbles encourage focus and concentration on the task at hand which also builds skills in visual-spatial awareness. Trying to balance each block on top of another with care enables further development of fine motor skills.

Choosing the right piece to find the balance teaches patience and resilience especially when they tumble and fall. This is developing the understanding of cause & effect.

Our mindful pebbles are a great resource in schools, homes and are not just for kids. (They are a lot of FUN!)

Learning the skill of mindfulness early in life is learning a skill for life.


What's included:


Set of 36 varied size wooden blocks

100% cotton drawstring bag

Benefits of use card