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Emotional Regulation Pack

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If you're figuring out where to start with emotional regulation and mindfulness it can be overwhelming having so many choices.

I have created this pack to tick every box, this pack will create an entire calm corner on it's own, or you can ad to it with weighted or compression items and more fidgets.

So what's included?

A jellystone calm down bottle

A jumbo smoosho stress ball 

A mini Celtic finger labyrinth and stylus

A calm kids pack, filled with strategies, visuals and communication aides

A calming stone

A twist and lock fidget

You can see i have selected things to soothe all the senses, and the products compliment each other, to help you create a calm, safe space in your home for an overwhelmed child to take a break.

feel free to get in touch about preferred colours for 

- jellystone calm down bottle

- giant smooshos 

Otherwise these will be selected at random, If i have the stock you will get your preference always.

Not suitable for under 5 years, choking hazards, use under supervision.