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Boredom Buster Packs

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School holidays are right around the corner, so I've created some packs to make it easy to occupy some of that time! 

Unicorn lover Includes: 

Jumbo smooshos unicorn

Smooshos pets unicorn

Unicorn popit purse

Slow rise unicorn stress ball - plush

Huckleberry unicorn star - growing unicorns and water beads 

Instant snow

Shimmer slime tube

Scratch art 


Dino Island Includes:

700g cotton sand

2 x collapsing dinos

1 x dino Island egg

Huckleberry growing dinos

Huckleberry water marbles - dinosaur eggs

T rex popit 

Bowl & jumbo tweezers 


Fine motor animals includes:

this set is for both animal lovers or anyone wanting to build hand strength & fine motor skills

lacing apple & catapiller

Flexi farm animals - hand strength 

Hyperstretch mice & cheese

Lil eve sensory dough bundle with animal stampers


Squishy dog stress ball 



packs include choking hazards due to small parts - 5 + only, use under adult supervision