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Are you looking to purchase for your organisation? Needing a Tax Invoice before payment is approved? 


Simply add the discount code at checkout PURCHASEORDER

This code ensures products don't incur a fee today, but are held for you like a regular order.

To proceed through checkout without any charge you will need to select PICKUP  rather than shipping or delivery.  This is sometimes overlooked, the choice appears on the first page of the checkout process called INFORMATION - if you have clicked ahead you can easily click back to the information page.

Your email Invoice will be sent within 24hrs

Orders will be held for 2 weeks, I will make contact before cancelling an order.  I am here to help and delays happen, sometimes I can help speed the process up.

Once your order is paid you will receive an email including your tracking details

Need more of a product than what's available? Get in touch via email today and I will arrange it!