Being a sibling to an Autistic child (why Audrey got a spa kit for no reason other than she's special and we love her)

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Who's seen the netflix show "atypical"? I watched season 1 before i knew my boys were autistic.

The one sentence made me so sad, and has stuck with me for years now, is when the autistic boys' sister says "when i was little i thought NT's was emptys, and thats what it felt like, like i had to be empty"

I was meant to remember that, i need to ensure that my girls' always feel special and nurtured, i don't want them to resent thier brothers' because i parented in an unfair way with my attention, that wouldn't be an autism thing, that's a mum thing.

Autism does take up a lot of space in my mind, it takes a lot of emotional energy, but i need to make sure i dont have "emptys".

You see as a sibling they already carry a burden of worry. They protect, watch out for, advocate, defend. They bend to the will of the struggling child with the kind of empathy nothing else can teach.

Only the experience of being the sibling to Max and Ted will teach my girls the ridiculous dichotomy of real love.
Stong, fierce, defensive loyalty and gentle, kind understanding of what it is to be human all in the same moment.

A gift to learn so young, but it becomes my absolute calling in life to balance them out with endless amounts of love and special attention so they know always, they might be autism siblings... but FIRST they are my amazing daughters who we love and cherish as individuals.

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